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Streamline your productivity with all-in-one sales solution. Televoice is an official partner of Voiptime Cloud.

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and easy to customize web dialer

No IT staff needed

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99,98% uptime

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Perfect dialer for sales teams

Sales Dialer is highly effective web based sales dialer app for making and receiving calls (inbound and outbound). It makes the entire sales process, starting from qualifying leads to following them up, more efficient and productive.

  • Organize data

    The more information you have about customer, the better experience that pays off you will provide. With our inside sales dialer you can forget about disorganized notes, as it allows to store all clients and information in one place.

  • Automatize day-to-day tasks

    Our software is able to automatize lots of everyday tasks (filled up forms, sent reports, etc.). Therefore, sales representatives can focus more on closing and following up leads as well as resolving their pain points, while the lead dialer takes care of the details.

  • Improve customer service

    Customers are more easily and efficiently segmented, their needs are identified and the status of the relationship with them is accurately tracked. Thus sales reps can interact with them meaningfully at the right time, resulting in more sales and higher customer’s satisfaction.

  • Establish cooperation between teams

    With our phone sales online, improve the cooperation of sales, marketing and customer support team by sharing valuable information about client and, thus, closing more sales.

Everything you need for sales in one package

Lead management

Organize your potential leads, change their statuses and customize card fields.

Simple call dialer

Log call directly from the cloud based dialer with click-to-call. Use your own SIP or out-of-the box SIP, provided by Voiptime Cloud.

Intelligent call routing

Receive inbound calls and automatically route them to the assigned reps or to other reps involved in the same project.

Call recording and monitoring

Record and listen to sales calls for further training, compliance improvement and quality assurance.

Local presence

Increase contact rate by using the same local code of the country via our cloud dialer and get more connections.

mail outline
Email tracking

Easily track all sent and received emails attached to the client’s card.


Control your sales representatives call performance and make more rational decisions based on sales data from detailed reportings.

Web-to-lead API

Track your leads directly from your website with our web-to-lead tool and don’t miss any sales opportunity.

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“One of the best sales dialers I've ever used!
After the implementation of Voiptime Cloud sales dialer, our work process has changed significantly. Now we can deliver smarter and more professionalized customer experience. Our business is growing faster than we have ever expected and our sales have been increased over 30%.”
Andreas Keller
IT Business Analyst
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